Are Vaccines Necessary?

The Truth About Our 'Need' For Vaccines



Do we really face such a great risk for the deadly outbreaks of disease that the CDC and pharmaceutical companies say are such a threat? Why are vaccines being mandated toward a population who present little to no risk of contracting such a disease? Are all these vaccines necessary, or are there other motives for this assault on our health and lives?

Vaccines do not protect health.

Considering the effectiveness of vaccines have proven to be untrue and their safety has been dis-proven as well, it’s safe to assume then, there’s a different agenda at play. Vaccines may be necessary, however, we must understand it’s not for the reasons we’ve been let to believe, i.e., protection from disease. Your doctor’s motives may be entirely different, but regardless, you should be prepared for his or her scrutiny and possible suggestion that you are endangering yourself, your child, or even your community. It’s a scary situation for sure, because you may be coerced to make a decision that risks you or your child’s health, or conversely, goes against your doctor recommendations. Understanding this in advance, you’ll be better prepared to handle it as you wish.

A Healthy lifestyle does.

It’s a great misconception that our bodies are unable to protect itself from disease. It’s no secret, however, that a body in optimal health can avoid sickness from a host of threats far better than one in a compromised state. The truth is, that when given the proper nutrition, supplements, rest, exercise, sunshine, and avoidance of toxic chemicals, our bodies possess a God-given, innate ability to heal, protect, and maintain optimal health, even when a threat of infection is present.



Understand that knowledge is power, but it is also the last thing the powers that be want you armed with since it threatens to shatter the healthcare illusions we’ve bought into. Regardless, this is your life and you have a right to protect it and that of your loved ones too. Be assured that when you stick to your convictions, you’ll be saving yourself and your loved ones from a potential lifetime of added health challenges and regret.